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Gian Domenico Negroni
The Artist was born in Camerino (MC), Italy in 1964. He lives and works between Pioraco (MC) and Pescara. Gian Domenico he born artistically....[continue]

Monia Malimpensa
Art critic and journalist
The creative, gestural and formal act of the artist Gian Domenico Negroni, tells a painting of technical-chromatic quality in continuous mutation....[continue]

The interview...
by Eleonora Monti - writer
His is a story of middle-aged changes: up to the age of 38, the Marchigiano artist Gian Domenico Negroni, worked in....[continue]

"Mare d'inverno"  -  2019
A few days ago, rearranging the shelves in my office, I noticed a paper wrapper. It was a page of a notebook....[continue]
"Free Fly"  -  2019
Often we do not notice that everyday life
has a well-defined "dimension".
 Sometimes it seems limited... [continue]

"Sidewalk Stories"  -  2019
I love the city. I've always loved it.
Perhaps because I have always 
hated loneliness...[continue]
Settings... [enter]
"The Dark Cathedrals" - 2019
My "cathedrals" in the midst of the oceans.
Raise up, and then let it die. Symbol of human inadequacy.
Instrument of power and wealth.
Scarring for our seas which are already,
in themselves, our true wealth.
by Elisabetta Conocchioli
The important tower of
an ancient restored mill, 
surprisingly it appears to us, at Passo di Treia (Marche) Italy.... [continue]
by Gian Domenico Negroni
pittore e scenografo
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