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Gian Domenico Negroni
The Artist was born in Camerino (MC), Italy in 1964. He lives and works between Pioraco (MC) and Pescara. Gian Domenico he born artistically....[continue]

Monia Malimpensa
Art critic and journalist
The creative, gestural and formal act of the artist Gian Domenico Negroni, tells a painting of technical-chromatic quality in continuous mutation....[continue]

The interview...
di Eleonora Monti - writer
His is a story of middle-aged changes: up to the age of 38, the Marchigiano artist Gian Domenico Negroni, worked in....[continue]

"Mare d'inverno"  -  2019
A few days ago, rearranging the shelves in my office, I noticed a paper wrapper. It was a page of a notebook....[continue]
"Free fly"  -  2019
Often we do not notice that everyday life has a well-defined "dimension". Sometimes it seems limited....[continue]

"Sidewalk Stories"  -  2019
I love the city. I've always loved it. Perhaps because I have always hated loneliness....[continue]
by Gian Domenico Negroni
pittore e scenografo
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